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What We Offer?

Device Integrations

We integrate software with CRM, EA, EMR, accounting, payment, and software development capabilities for better functioning.

Remote Monitoring

Provide efficient virtual care to patients through remote monitoring and real-time data with the help of a custom telehealth solution.

Technical Support

Our services include ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting to ensure seamless optimal performance for your virtual healthcare needs.

App Development

We also provide app development services for telehealth, medical care management, and other aspects of healthcare.

Cloud-Based Software

Our cloud-based telehealth platform provides e-prescription management, video conferencing, and remote patient evaluation.

Patient Portal

The web patient portal for doctor’s virtual practice is where patients can access all of medical virtual services and information.



Appointment Scheduling

View and schedule appointments directly with the patients and also follow up individually to keep track of consultations.


Simplify the prescription process, improve patient care, and track records efficiently with eRx feature integration

Billing Integration

Charge and collect payments from patients using online payment methods with multi-currency support and easy billing options.

Video Recording

Record video consultations and save it in the patient’s file for future reference during follow ups.

Analytics and Reporting

Get customizable reporting and analytics to put valuable patient information at your fingertips.

Easy Onboarding

Hassle-free onboarding of new doctors with streamlined, intuitively designed onboarding interfaces.

Voice Recognition Login

No more headaches remembering passwords. Login in the app without a password through voice recognition.

Ratings and Reviews

View and provide reviews of your doctor or other healthcare professionals based on your experience and services.

Schedule Appointments

View the doctor’s availability and schedule appointments directly from the app without visiting the facility.

Video Calling

Get secure and lag-free video calling for uninterrupted consultations and proper visual diagnosis of health conditions.

Messaging Security

Get secure messaging and file sharing capabilities (in compliance with HIPAA) to ensure the confidentiality of information.

Payment Gateway

Enjoy easy online payment options with multi-currency support and other payment feature integrations in the solution.

Live Chat

Using the live chat tool, administrators may interact with patients immediately and respond to their demands.

Payment Portal

Feature aids in processing payments, tying analytics and payment gateways together, and monitoring revenue growth.


It enables admin to examine and comprehend the facts of the consumer from both a technical and marketing standpoint.

Notification Management

Easily reach your targeted audience with personalized push alerts and critical policy updates all in one place.

Planning & Management

Keep track of appointments with doctors and alter them as required to understand the flow of the framework.

Doctor Profile Management

Access to a doctor’s prior activities, and the ability to change a doctor’s profile information at the request of a support center.

Success Story: Blum Telehealth

The client was looking for a custom HIPAA compliant telehealth solution to offer to its customers (healthcare providers) with high data security.

There were limited options for existing commercial telehealth solutions at the time and the client wanted a white label solution that could be provided on a subscription basis to facilities and healthcare providers.

Team Galaxy propose a WebRTC based custom telehealth solution with features such as video conferencing support, appointment scheduling, online payment, and the ability to retrieve the patient’s medical history.

Mobile (iOS, Android), Web

WebRTC, Angular, Java, Javascript, Swift

Business Impact:
The client was able to deliver customized telehealth solution to its customers leading to a recurring subscription-based revenue stream. The availability of high data security and lag-free communication ensured the best experience for patients and doctors. The solution’s architecture is sustainable and stable enough to support future innovations and upgrades.

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Why Should You Invest In A Custom Telehealth Solution?

No Recurring Cost

A custom solution is a one time investment which gives you access to unlimited user licenses and access.

Custom Data Security

Add custom data security and user access permissions based on your specific requirements to monitor usage.

Easily Scalable

Start with essential features that you need and scale up to support the needs of your growing healthcare business.

Align Specific SOPs

A custom solution allows organization specific SOPs to be implemented seamlessly along with ensuring applicable compliances.

Custom Reporting

Get customized reporting for key metrics to make informed data driven business decisions to scale and grow sustainably.

Feature Innovation

With a custom solution, you can easily integrate innovative features to give your solution a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

When seeking advice or purchasing medication, can clients submit prescriptions to these profiles?

Yes, we can provide a function that allows clients to submit their prescriptions while making an appointment or buying a medication.

What are the different user levels of a telehealth solution?

A telehealth app’s user levels would include customer/patient, telemedicine providers, clinic/hospital admin, patient and super admin.

Can telehealth apps be integrated with existing healthcare systems and tools?

Yes, telehealth apps can be integrated with existing healthcare systems and tools such as electronic health record (EHR) systems, appointment scheduling software, and lab results portals. This integration can improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery and provide a more comprehensive view of patient information.

What kinds of telemedicine services are there?

Apps for scheduling or consulting with doctors, e-prescriptions, and clinic and hospital management are some examples of online telemedicine services.

How much does it cost to develop a telehealth app?

The cost of developing a telehealth app can vary widely depending on the features, functionality, and design requirements of the app. On average, the cost of telehealth app development ranges from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars.

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