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1 second delay in website loading leads to a loss of $10k in sales opportunity.

E-commerce website maintenance packages for businesses of all sizes starting at just $25/hr

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A single broken link or a 404 issue can make you lose a sizable business opportunity. With cut throat competition in the eCommerce industry, website performance and stability matters. This is why 100+ eCommerce websites trust us as their preferred maintenance partner.

Packages Starting at $25/hr.

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Benefits of Our eCommerce Tech
Support Services

Dedicated Account Manager

Get a dedicated account manager as the single point of contact to ensure seamless communication and coordination with the tech support team.

Day-to-Day Website Changes

Need dynamic updates to landing pages based on your current promotions? Our team can take care of all of that and more while you focus on growing your business. 

Inventory Update

Keep your products, SKUs, and product details up to date for the best shopping experience. Let your customers get real time inventory updates every time.

Speed Optimization

Get round the clock website performance monitoring to ensure fast page load speeds (under 2 seconds) on even the busiest days.

Project Management Dashboard

Monitor maintenance activities, key updates, website changes, performance logs, and more in a single comprehensive project dashboard with role based access.

Fixing Urgent Issues

Need an urgent fix for a critical issue? We can take it up on the highest priority to ensure seamless business operations and no negative impact on user experience.

Store Improvements

Need innovative features to make the online shopping experience even better on your website? Get expert guidance and recommendations with tech support.

On Site SEO

Our SEO experts can help you optimize your online store for maximum visibility, easy discoverability and ranking with advanced on-page optimization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should I update my eCommerce store?

It’s recommended to update your eCommerce store at least once a month to fix any security vulnerabilities and ensure that your website is running optimally.

What are the essential steps to maintain the security of an eCommerce store?

Essential steps to maintain the security of an eCommerce store include regularly updating software and plugins, using secure passwords, implementing SSL encryption, and using a reliable website firewall.

How can I ensure that my website is mobile-friendly during maintenance?

You can ensure that your website is mobile-friendly during maintenance by using a responsive design, testing the site on various devices, and using mobile-friendly plugins.

How can I prevent data loss or corruption during maintenance?

You can prevent data loss or corruption during maintenance by regularly backing up your site, testing your backup files, and keeping multiple copies of your data in different locations.

What are the best practices for testing and debugging an eCommerce store during maintenance?

The best practices for testing and debugging an eCommerce store during maintenance include regularly testing the site after updates, using debugging tools, and testing the site in different environments and on different devices.

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